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3.7m Barra

The 3.7m Barra is the ideal car topper, tender boat or small fishing boat. Weighing in at only 50kg with integrated casting decks, ‘SeaDek’ non-slip traction standard and registered to carry 4 people. Once you have seen and tested a 3.7m Barra, you will agree, it is the car topper or tender boat for you!

Boat Length
Overall Length 3.7M
Boat Length
Beam Width 1.4M
Boat Length
Recommended HP 8-15HP
Boat Length
Dry Weight (STD) 50KG
3.7M Barra, travelling companionBoat Specifications
Casting Platform0.96m
Cockpit1.9m X 1.4m
Maximum Persons4
Maximum Load350kgs
Recommended HP15hp

Standard Features on the 3.7m Barra Cartopper Boat

Fully customised Cartopper Boat Built just for you

Sounder Console


Sounder Console with Glovebox


Rear Bait Tank / Esky – Unplumbed


Rear Bait Tank / Esky – Plumbed


Wiring loom & fittings for front battery


Swivel Seat – Movable


Swivel Seat – Fitted


Side pocket (portside)


Rear Step


Davit Anchor Points


Transducer Mount


Designer Wraps


Coloured gel coat sides


Colour flash & two tone boat numbers


Two tone boat numbers

What our customers are saying about the ezytopper Cartopper Boats Customer testimonials
The 3.7m barra make the perfect tender boat
"New 3.7 barra on top of our floating caravan... bloody awesome boats!"
Alan Aubrey from Bald Hills Qld with his 3.7m Barra Roof top boat mounted on a Ford Ranger
""We have a 9.8 Four stroke HP outboard motor which allowed us to power away from any obstacle which includes crocodiles. The boat’s stability excelled in the fast flowing Daly River especially going against the tide we were able to still plane on top of the water. The loading of the boat on top of the Nissan Patrol is so easy to do thanks to the good work and assistance of John and Jeffrey. In our travels through the Northern and Western Austr..." Read More
Enlightened Boating
""I was extremely apprehensive when we decided to fish the Daly River in the Northern Territory using our 3.7 metre Ezy Topper as the river is notorious for crocodiles, some longer than the boat. With the water level dropping over a metre in the 7 days of fishing I was also concerned how I would be able to enter and exit the boat as I do not have the best of legs. My concerns were put to rest as the Ezy Topper makes it so easy to do both these thi..." Read More
car caravan weight guide and checklist

understanding car and caravan weights

What size Car Topper can I carry on my vehicle?


Download the simple guide of weighty things to consider when setting up to travel. This guide will help you understand weights and capacities of vehicles and caravans/campers, plus get a free printable checklist to take with you.

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The ultimate tender boats and car toppers

The 3.7m Barra EzyTopper makes the perfect tender boat, car topper or small fishing boat. With integrated front casting and rear decks as standard and included in the weight. The infused fibreglass construction is strong, light, stable and quiet. The materials and fibreglass construction method are the same techniques used by the military and NASA to build internal cabins and mouldings. These small fishing boats are designed specifically to be car toppers and tender boats.

Due to the weight and positive buoyancy of our boats, the recommended outboard size is almost half that of its aluminium counter part. The planing hull glides on top of the water with minimal power. The fibreglass construction absorbs small bumps and chop through the entire hull, making for a quieter and softer ride.

If you’re looking for the perfect yacht tender boat company, then you’ve found them! We have sold many 3.7m barra’s for yacht tenders, cruise ships and power yachts. Enlightened boating is 100% Australian made and designed, so you can be sure you are supporting Australia by purchasing locally. Whether you’re looking for tender boats Australia or a small car topper for a small car we can help you. Book a test today and discover for yourself why Enlightened Boating’s EzyTopper boats are the tender boat and roof top boat of choice. Read more about the advantages our EzyTopper boats.