STEP 01Shape & Infusion

Close mold resin infusion

This is where closed-mold manufacturing comes into play. The process is resin infusion and it is already in use by leading-edge boatbuilders. Resin infusion, also called vacuum infusion, is the ticket to modern fiberglass boat construction. The show begins with a mold cavity containing the dry fiberglass laminates, as well as Kevlar or carbon fiber if used. The dry laminates are covered with a special bag material, which is then sealed to the mold flange. Flow media is installed that serves as a conduit to direct the resin that will enter the mold via a series of tubes connected to a manifold. A hull is a complex part with a dozen or more lay-up schedules and several different core types, and these factors are taken into consideration because they affect resin flow.

Accordingly, there can be 5 or more resin inlets and these are monitored during the process as the resin is pulled through the mold under vacuum. When the valves on the manifold are opened, the catalyzed resin flows freely, wetting the laminates under the bag. There is no sound and no smell as the resin flows through the tubes. However, it is fascinating to watch the laminates turn from white to red as the resin is vacuumed through; it actually resembles blood leaking out from underneath a bandage.

STEP 02Glassed in custom options

Custom boat options, made to order

Once the hull is popped from the mould the front and rear casting decks are made using the same process. They are then glassed into the boat hull. From here further options are added, such as side console, step up decks, side pockets etc. All of which are hand built in our Caboolture warehouse.

The hatches are then cut to the customers requirements and fit out begins.

STEP 03Fit out

Custom boat fit out

Once the shell is complete, the hatches and fit out commences. Depending on the customers request will determine the fit out process. Wires and piping is run for the front batteries and kill tank. Hinges, hatches and latches are fitted. All the chandlery is fitted to the boat ready for testing and review.

We take pride in making sure the fit out process is well thought out. Transducer slides are strategically placed to make sure sonar readings are perfect. We also balance the weight of all boats, making sure it is centralised.

Step 04Water Test, Setup & Delivery

Pre-delivery testing, customer testing and hand over

Once the boat is ready to hit the water, we’ll test the boat on water to make sure everything is running smoothly. We’ll test the weight distribution, planing and turning.

We also weigh all our Ezytopper’s with and without the outboard, so you always know the weight going on the roof. 

We can then help with caravan mounts for a foldup trailer, outboards and also loading and unloading systems for your EzyTopper.