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Mangrove Jack Foldup Trailer

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Australia’s Lightest & Easiest to Use Boat Trailer 

The Mangrove Jack portable boat trailer is in a class of its own. Manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel, it is the simplest boat trailer to use, with no tools required!

Check out these specs…

Easy Assembly
The Mangrove Jack simply slides and clips into position in 2 minutes and can be disassembled in half that time. The wheels are easily removed and can be stowed separately.

The Mangrove Jack is so portable you can say goodbye to ramp/trailer parking fees and securely store your trailer in the back of your vehicle while you’re boating.

Easy to Use
The Mangrove Jack is packed with features making it the easiest to use boat trailer on the market. For example:

  • The Mangrove Jack boasts a built-in extending hitch coupling, which makes reversing a little easier. This is particularly handy when winching where a spare wheel is mounted on the rear of the vehicle.
  • The main drawbar is telescopic, using a dedicated extrusion with two rails that self-clean and prevent jamming.
  • Boat retrieval is easy, even if the trailer is not coupled to a vehicle. Just slide the axle back to it’s alternate rear position (10sec – pull pin, slide axle back, insert pin) and the trailer can’t tip during loading.
    *unless fitted with an optional rear extension.
  • The center roller has 18 possible adjustments and hull sliders are fully adjustable to accommodate various hull shapes.

Light Weight
Weighing in at just 38kg, the Mangrove Jack boat trailer is the lightest licensable boat trailer in Australia, with no heavy folding frame to lift. In fact, the heaviest piece is only 8kg.

Built Tough
Don’t let the weight fool you. The Mangrove Jack boat trailer is so tough two men can stand on the drawbar. The chassis is built from aircraft grade aluminium and all fasteners are stainless steel while the use of large box section aluminium means the trailer does not require track rods or braces for stiffening.

Long Lasting
The Mangrove Jack boat trailer conforms to the latest ADR regulations. It is manufactured from stainless steel and aluminium, uses high-speed 6-ply tyres and approved alloy wheels with Holden stub axles and bearings, marine seals and Castrol boating grease. We use only top quality USA or Japanese made wheel bearings.

In fact, the Mangrove Jack is the only trailer in Australia with stainless steel stub axles let alone they are 316 Stainless Steel! It is also fully anodised to protect against weathering, making it incredibly durable and rust-free!

Facts and Tips

When we say ‘you won’t break your back with a Mangrove Jack’ – we mean it! Our unique ‘fully anodised’ boat trailer weighs just 38kg with the heaviest piece weighing in at only 8kg.

Western Australian designed and manufactured, the Mangrove Jack is foldable, portable and built to last a lifetime. Here are some other interesting facts about this amazing boat trailer.

Overall Length 3.4m
Overall Width 1.56m
Longest Single Piece 1.55m
Weight 38kg
Heaviest Single Piece 8kg
Max Load 250kg
ATM 360kg
*†Max vessel Length 3.75m
**Max Outboard Weight 55kg
Speed Limited 100kph
Tyre Speed Rating 130kph
Tyre Rating 6ply
Licensable in All States Yes

We recommend this product with the following boats

from 50 KG*

3.7m Barra

from 45 KG*

3m Barra

from 56 KG*

3.7m Lite

from 68 KG*

3.7m Ultimate

from 85 KG*

4.1m Outsider

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