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"For the past couple of years I have been running my CrossXcountry rig in rugged, unforgiving Top End waters, an area so often seen as the "home of the tinnie". We have not molly-coddled our CrossXcountry at all, towing it thousands of kilometers over rough bush tracks, launching from rudimentary ramps and steep banks, and tackling choppy, shoalstudded seas. The rig hasn't missed a beat and apart from some scratches and dings in the wrap, is s..." Read More
"Small boat of choice, I am yet to experience any hull around the 4m mark that offers the space, stability, fishability, quietness and softness of ride that the CrossXCountry 4.1m delivers. And all of this in an amazing ightweight though tough package. This is my small boat of choice." Read More
"The recreational boating industry in Australia has changed dramatically over the past decade, but it needs to shift still further in response to altered global economic circumstances and, even more importantly, the clear and pressing need to reduce carbon emissions and restrain our consumption of finite resources. The best way to achieve these ends is to focus on lighter, cleaner, greener and more affordable forms of pleasure boating. The advent..." Read More
"From the Lucky Bastard that owns the Silver Cruiser with the grey 3.7 Boys, what a gem! Have owned this boat for a year now. With a 10 hp Honda and 230 kg loaded weight, we get 28kmh. I have a 5mt plate boat at home, and this little guy rides just as well. Have now changed to a 15hp Yammy - what a rocket ship. If you’re in the market for a little roof topper, if you purchase any thing else you would have rocks in your head. Do yours..." Read More
"Our 4.3 m CrossXCountry has proven to be the perfect boat for theextended road trip we've just undertaken. We towed our rig from one side of Australia to the other and backgain, shooting segments for 'The Fishing DVD' in a wide range of environments from rivers and estuaries to inshore reefs and flats. The light weight and easy handling of the CrossXCountry made this ambitious trip so much more pleasurable... In fact, the 4.3 is such a pleas..." Read More
"The seaworthiness, stability and comfort of the CrossXCountry has been nothing short of outstanding. Fishing the Australian coastline is a pleasure in the CrossXCountry."
Rob with his 4.5 Lapstrake
"I picked up my new 4.5 this week and could not have been happier with the performance and quality. I have been involved with boats all my life and lost count of number ranging from 12 foot tinies to ski boats and game fishing boats. From the first contact with John Hall he was friendly, knowledgable and very helpful. During the building of the boat John and Andy kept in touch regularly and offered good suggesti..." Read More
The 3.7m barra make the perfect tender boat
"New 3.7 barra on top of our floating caravan... bloody awesome boats!"
"Unbelievable boats can't fault mine super happy with it 4.1 crossxcounty car topper with 20hp suzuki can do some really big trips with this combo and it is so fuel economical."
Lorraine Bowtell sitting on the 3.7m Ultimate Rooftop Boat
"It has now been just over two years since I first purchased one of Enlightened Boating’s, v-nosed, 3.7m “Ezy-Topper” dinghys and having used it from Cape York to the Great Australian Bight, including alpine lakes and inland rivers, it is time to report on how this boat has performed... the 3.7m v-nosed EzyTopper from Enlightened Boating is a beautiful little boat built with style and integrity. It is a joy to handle and allows ease of access into s..." Read More