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I’m catching more fish, and having more fun from my CrossXCountry 4.1 than I ever have before… what a fantastic little boat!
– Steve ‘ Starlo’ Starling

The true test of any product is, “use and reliability over time.” It has now been just over two years since I first purchased one of Enlightened Boating’s, v-nosed, 3.7m “EZY-TOPPER” dinghy’s and having used it from Cape York to the Great Australian Bight, including alpine lakes and inland rivers, it is time to report on how this boat has performed.

As a resin infused foam with fiberglass shell construction, the hull is a purpose built design. It is super light and super strong, which makes it perfect for car topping. The primary reason as to why I first investigated the boat before finally settling to purchase one. The boat has not let me down in ANY aspect of usage, be it transporting, or fishing.

– Bill Bowtell, Central Queensland