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The ultimate car topper boats, Light, Practical, Stable, Tough. Custom made rooftop boats, find the perfect travelling companion.

car topper boats A rooftop boat to suit youThe perfect rooftop boat or tender
from 45 KG*
car topper boats by Enlightened Boating

3m Barra

from 50 KG*
car topper boats by Enlightened Boating

3.7m Barra

from 56 KG*
car topper boats by Enlightened Boating

3.7m Lite

from 68 KG*
car topper boats by Enlightened Boating

3.7m Ultimate

from 85 KG*
car topper boats by Enlightened Boating

4.1m Outsider

from 120 KG*
car topper boats by Enlightened Boating

4.3m Outsider

from 130 KG*
car topper boats by Enlightened Boating

4.5m Island Hopper

car caravan weight guide and checklist

understanding car and caravan weights

What size Car Topper can I carry on my vehicle?


Download the simple guide of weighty things to consider when setting up to travel. This guide will help you understand weights and capacities of vehicles and caravans/campers, plus get a free printable checklist to take with you.

Cutting edge technologyInnovative Construction

Enlightened boating construction is "state of the art" infusion process using foam and fibreglass. The process is resin infusion and it is already in use by leading-edge boat builders. Resin infusion, also called vacuum infusion, is the ticket to modern fibreglass boat construction. The show begins with a mould cavity containing the dry fibreglass laminates, as well as Kevlar or carbon fibre if used. The dry laminates are covered with a special bag material, which is then sealed to the mould flange...

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Car topper boats, for the enlightened angler

The travel anywhere boat, light, strong, stable and unsinkable. Ezytopper car topper boats are purpose built in-house in Australia by passionate, self confessed, recreational fishermen. Our custom boats are specifically designed for the fishing and caravanning enthusiasts in Australian.

The lightest car topper boats

Our unique state of the art construction method and materials make the Ezytopper boats the lightest rooftop boats in Australia. Due to the weight, or lack of weight, Ezytopper car topper boats are easy to load onto roof racks by one person. Our car topper boats provide incredible performance with low horse power compared to an aluminium boat.

We are convinced once you have seen and tested one for yourself, you will agree, it is the boat for you as a travelling companion. Call us and Book a demo today.

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*Yes, we have a disclaimer! We do our best to accurately give an estimate of total boat weight after options have been fitted. However the weights displayed on the website are not 100% accurate and a total weight cannot be determined until the final boat is completed. Accessory weights for products listed in the Shop, products listed as Accessories or as extras are taken from the manufacturers website and may not be accurate. It is within good faith we provide the weight information, however we will not be held accountable for final boat or accessory weights.