Alan Aubrey – 3.7m

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Alan Aubrey from Bald Hills Qld with his 3.7m Barra Roof top boat mounted on a Ford Ranger

We have a 9.8 Four stroke HP outboard motor which allowed us to power away from any obstacle which includes crocodiles. The boat’s stability excelled in the fast flowing Daly River especially going against the tide we were able to still plane on top of the water.

The loading of the boat on top of the Nissan Patrol is so easy to do thanks to the good work and assistance of John and Jeffrey.

In our travels through the Northern and Western Australia many people have looked at the boat and conversations centred on the weight of the boat, how easy it was to handle and its durability. In fact we saw four other Ezy Toppers on the roof of vehicles during our travels.

At Exmouth a fellow Ezy Topper owner expressed his satisfaction and delight in the performance of his boat. He was traveling in a Winnebago and towed his 4WD with the Ezy Topper attached to the roof using the slides that Jeffrey installed.

I fully recommend the 3.7 metre Ezy Topper, so enjoy!


Alan Aubrey – 3.7m

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3.7m Barra