Margaret Bradley

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I was extremely apprehensive when we decided to fish the Daly River in the Northern Territory using our 3.7 metre Ezy Topper as the river is notorious for crocodiles, some longer than the boat.

With the water level dropping over a metre in the 7 days of fishing I was also concerned how I would be able to enter and exit the boat as I do not have the best of legs. My concerns were put to rest as the Ezy Topper makes it so easy to do both these things and I felt extremely safe even when catching the almighty Barramundi which put up a great fight. The floor area of the boat allows plenty of room to move about and landing the Barra was stress-free due to the boat’s stability.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Ezy Topper as a safe, stable and durable craft.

Margaret Bradley

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